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Brief Overview

Following its achievement of university status in June 1999, Northern Caribbean University (NCU) transformed from a liberal arts college to a world-class university building the character, creativity and competence of its students. Presently, the university comprises six academic entities: five colleges and one school with, at the end of the 2014 operational year, 3,864 unique students from 26 different countries.


Known as West Indies College (WIC) following its founding in 1907 and until its achievement of university status in 1999, NCU is situated on approximately 200 acres of lush green landscape.  The institution commenced operations in January 1919 at its current site in Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica.


Schools & Colleges

School of Religion & Theology

College of Allied Health & Nursing

College of Business & Hospitality Management

College of Education & Leadership

College of Humanities, Behavioural & Social Sciences

College of Natural & Applied Sciences



Since 1978, NCU has enjoyed full accreditation status from the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA), the global accreditation body for educational institutions owned and operated by the SDA church. Included in the most recent preliminary report from the AAA in 2014 are commendations to the administration “for intentionality in making the degree programs practical and functional by providing hands-on experiences for the students during their period of study.” (AAA Report 2014).


The majority of programmes are either approved or awaiting approval of the UCJ, the accrediting authority for Jamaica.


NCU is currently preparing for the grant of Institutional accreditation, a status that the widely regarded University of the West Indies itself only recently achieved.  Institutional accreditation means that not only all academic programmes but also all university operations and services meet the required standards of the UCJ.  In essence, all aspects of the university’s functions and operations would be fully recognized internationally.


“This would be a great accomplishment for NCU, as currently the only tertiary institution in Jamaica with institutional accreditation from the UCJ is the University of the West Indies,” said President Trevor Gardner.


Social Activities for Students

NCU students are involved in competitive sports in the following areas: basketball, football, tennis, badminton, volleyball, netball and table tennis. The university’s male and female badminton teams were the champions for the Inter-collegiate competition 2014-2015 season. NCU has a student lounge equipped for  table games and that is available for Saturday night socials.  There is also a fitness centre.


Housing Accommodations

NCU’s on-campus living conditions are comparable to those anywhere in the region. There are three dormitory facilities, two for women and one for male students. The men’s dorm provides for three students per room, while the female dorms maintain a limit of two students per room. Dorms offer study, prayer, and television rooms, and Internet service.  In addition, each dorm houses a tuck shop and provides amenities such as hot and cold water, laundry facilities, and a fully functioning kitchen.

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