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Brief Mission ACKy


NCU ACKy is essentially a service organisation that is dedicated to improving life in the Cayman Islands, particularly for the youth, through social and cultural activities and through the issue of scholarships.


As such, it encourages collaborative action among chapter members to the benefit of NCU, Cayman’s wider community, and members of ACKy. 


A prime aim is to support the financial and educational interests of Northern Caribbean University and Caymanians who may wish to attend NCU.


In accordance, some key goals are to:

  • unite and organize alumni and friends of NCU;

  • sponsor and promote cultural and social activities among chapter members;

  • organize community activities;  and

  • support the sphere of influence of NCU and promote values-based education in the Cayman Islands.

About Us


Following a March 2013 revival, ACKy was launched on 18 June 2015, when a new slate of officers was elected with a view to creating a win-win for NCU, the Cayman church and community, and chapter members.  ACKy was formally inaugurated on 12 September, 2015, with an induction ceremony at Kings Church.  Officiating was NCU Alumni Director Susan Longgordon.


What’s in our name? The name of the chapter is Northern Caribbean University Alumni Chapter Cayman, shortened to NCU ACKy  (“Ky” is a popular abbreviation for the name of the Islands among islanders).  Note that “ACKy” is pronounced like “Ackee,” the popular Caribbean fruit.


Members represent a diverse multi-cultural population drawn from the various professions and areas of work represented in the Cayman Islands.  Chapter members are united in the common cause of fellowship, spiritual growth, and commitment to furthering the cause of the alma mater and of Christian Education.


Among planned key activities and goals are:

  • Raising funds to

    • initiate Cayman community projects

    • offer scholarships to Caymanians to attend NCU

    • As at September 2020, two Cayman-based students were studying at NCU.


  • Creating meaningful recreational and spiritual outlets for ACKy members


  • Raising the profile of NCU in Cayman


  • Fostering interest in values-based education

Join Us

If you qualify as a regular or associate member of ACKy, that is, if you are a past student and a friend of NCU and want to support the work of NCU and ACKy, we invite you to join us.

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